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Rough & Rugged Frontier Supplies

Packaging concept for Rough & Rugged Frontier Supplies, supplies one might find at a General Store in the Old West. All creative copy and project names are original.


Date 2012
Skills Packaging, Illustration
Tools Photoshop, Illustrator



2013 Gold ADDY

AAF – NEA, Regional

2013 Silver ADDY

AAF -District 10

Varmint Wrangler

Round up rodents with Varmint Wrangler. They’ll be thinkin’ they messed with the wrong cowboy after being bound with these ropes.



Mustache Curl Enhancer Wax

Use this here Mustache Curl Enhancer Wax to keep yer ‘stash curled up and lookin’ good no matter how fast you ride.

Ingredients: beeswax, curl enhancer, smell good



Sleight of Hand Playing Cards

Win yer bet every time when using Sleight of Hand Playing Cards. These cards have special markin’s on ’em so you’ll know how to pull one over on the bigwigs in the saloon.




Musical Blowin’ Jug

Complete any western jig by puckerin’ yer lips and blowin’ a tune.





Meat Flavor Enhancer

Gussy up yer grub by sprinklin’ on a lil’ Meat Flavor Enhancer. It’ll be finger lickin’ good—Guaranteed.

Ingredients: fully aged red peppers, pepper, vinegar, salt